Arrival in Ecuador

After months of grant writing and preparations, Abbey and I are finally in Quito. Just before departing from the USA, I was awarded a Rufford Conservation Grant to help supplement and support my research activities. Specifically, I’ll be heading into remote parts of the Napo Basin to search for new fish species to use as indicator species for hydrological flow alterations in an effort to conserve and protect headwater streams.

Our arrival and transition has gone very smoothly thus far. We have a great 3 bedroom apartment with an awesome view of the city and Rucu Pinchincha (+15,000ft). The apartment is one block away from Parque Metropolitano, where there is +30km of awesome singletrack for mtn biking. The trails are a great mix of smooth, steep, and super technical. We even made friends with some local racers, Pericles and Gabby. The weather has been perfect and we are acclimating well to the altitude.
I’ve spent this week dealing with immigration and visa procedures (not fun) and getting settled into the house, exploring the neighborhood, etc. I hope to begin working on my project in earnest by next week. Stay tuned as things progress.
DSCN8192 DSCN8212 DSCN8209 DSCN8208 DSCN8204 DSCN8197 DSCN8193 DSCN8179 DSCN8164DSCN8176

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