Best Mtb Ride Ever? Volcan Casitagua to Infiernillos from Quito (130km- nearly 15,000ft of descent and gain)

The ride from Quito to Casitagua to Pululahua down to Infiernillos and back has to be up there with the best rides anywhere in the world. It literally had it all…You start out in a major metropolis, bike to the summit of a 11,500ft volcano (Casitagua),


cross over the Equator into the Northern Hemisphere, then descend about 8000ft through a sandy desert


over to Volcan Pululahua,


drop into a lush geobiological reserve,


passing over a lava flow,


then descend into a steamy jungle,


and finally a scary hike-a-bike across a 60m cliff face on a less than 1ft wide loose trail!

10922348_10152757814489285_5574139641876538149_o     10924198_10152757814139285_8869604588836828759_o

Of course the ascent back to the rim of Pululahua entails climbing over 5500ft nonstop, which is pretty ruthless. Then you have to negotiate traffic back into Quito as you cross over the Ecuador back into the Southern Hemisphere…But well worth it for this truly epic ride!!


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